A New Design for Google Glass?

Google Glass has made a lot of waves and has taken the media by storm. People love it. People hate it. People don’t understand it. No matter which side of the argument you are on, you cannot deny that Google Glass is a revolutionary piece of technology. The main problem? You cannot hide the fact that you’re wearing it. Google Glass wearers stick out like a sore thumb. Some are being kicked out of establishments solely based on the fact that they’re wearing the technology.

What is the answer? Redesign it! Google is allegedly working on a patent that involves a more hidden projector device – one that sits inside the frame rather than outside of it. It would be hidden by thick-rimmed glasses that bear much resemblance to a normal pair of eyewear. With this design, wearers could much more easily blend into a crowd and not have to answer questions about whether or not they are recording everything that everyone else is doing.

Right now, the patent that was issued for the new design is preliminary. No one knows whether Google will go forward with the design and actually manufacture it, or if it will stay in the idea phase forever. Nonetheless, it is exciting because the appearance of the product seems to be people’s biggest complaint so far. People who own the technology generally cannot say enough good things about it, except, of course, the fact that they are judged immediately when someone sees them wearing it. Perhaps this new design is the answer to that problem and will boost the product’s perception.

No word yet on what this version of the product may cost – stay tuned to see how this develops. You can see the drawings here:




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