Apple Involved in Another Patent Battle

Apple can’t seem to keep their hands out of patent trouble lately. They’ve recently gone through a massively public battle with Samsung over various mobile telephone technology, and now they are in an argument with Bose over headphones. The suit is technically being brought against Beats Audio, but since they are being acquired by Apple as we speak, the suit will now fall on Apple’s shoulders.

Bose is claiming that Beats has infringed upon their research into the noise-canceling realm and that at least five of Bose’s patents are directly violated by Beats products. Currently, Bose’s various headphones designs are protected by 22 different patents and 14 more that are currently under review.

Bose certainly has a case here. The suit delves into the history of the development of noise-canceling technology and the research that was personally done by the company’s founder, Dr. Amar Bose. The complaint speaks of Dr. Bose’s desire to invent headphones that would be of a higher quality and that would reduce or even eliminate background cabin noise on an airplane. Because of his successful prototypes and designs, the military even contacted him about creating products that would help pilots.

It makes sense that Beats Audio would want to replicate what Bose has created – after all, no one can argue that Bose sound systems and headphones are quite superior to almost everything else out there, but if the technology used was, in fact, patented, then Beats – or Apple – may end up having to pay damages. If Bose wins the suit, Apple may have a bit of a mess on their hands trying to figure out how to create headphones that match the quality Beats has created without infringing upon Bose’s technology and designs. 


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