Future Chef: New Kitchen Technology

Since Julia Child first appeared on television teaching the world the joys of French cooking, normal everyday consumers have attempted making some of the dishes that they may have only seen in restaurants.  The regular person could now attempt professional style cooking, and this only became more popular as the years went by.  Cooking shows then increased in number, and eventually a whole television network on cable was created specifically for food and cooking.  Plus with home shopping-type networks the consumer could purchase many professional chef’s implements right at home.  Now there is seemingly nothing that a home-chef enthusiast can’t do in their kitchen once they obtain the newest and coolest cooking tools.

And there is no lack of these tools coming out of the woodwork.  New cooking and kitchen-type technology is big now, and getting bigger.  Famous Chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck have their own lines of cooking tools and equipment now, and countless companies are developing future cooking tech. every day.  Here are just a few of the latest and coolest tools to help improve your kitchen experience.    

The Toaster Wrap:

A common complaint concerning home toaster design has always been the amount of counter space it takes up.  That is now no longer an issue with this amazingly cool toaster design by Yanko Design. Lay your bread on The Toaster Wrap to crisp-up nicely, and then when you are done it just rolls up and stores easily with little hassle.  This must be just as unique as the first electric toaster seemed.    

The Cutting Board Scale:

The Cutting Board Scale by Design Boom combines two needed, but underrated, tools of the kitchen.  Why bother with separate scales and measuring cups when this cutting board is on hand?  It allows you to measure your chopped or sliced ingredients while you cut them up, dirtying less equipment and potentially spreading less germs.  A little shift in the way you read the measurement of your ingredients (by weight instead of volume) and you are all set.    

The Smart Knife: 

The new and ingenious Smart Knife solves a lot of nagging kitchen problems.  When dealing with fresh ingredients, it gives basic information on freshness  and nutrients, plus the possible presence of bacteria on food materials.  This high-tech knife has a sensor system on the tip and blade to collect information, which is then processed and displayed to the user on the Smart Screen, set in the side of the blade.  As of yet the Smart Knife is still unavailable, but should be out soon!    

The HALO Heating Spoon:

This one is just great, and the early morning coffee drinker’s dream.  The HALO Heating Spoon by Yanko Design is its own self-contained heating unit.  The spoon not only comes in handy when your cup of coffee cools to that nasty lukewarm, but your soup and other foods or beverages also.  It’s also comes in handy when you need to quickly heat something up and don’t want to use the stove or microwave.  Just dip-it-in and stir your way to warming goodness.    

The Advanced Digital Measuring Cup: 

This advanced Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale, like the cutting board above, makes measuring ingredients easier.  It gives you traditional measurements plus it offers a digital reading for more accuracy when dealing with certain ingredients, or even medication.  The secret to the cup’s accuracy is that it measures by weight not volume, making its results more precise.  Probably the greatest feature included in this cup is the automatic conversion tool.  It automatically converts 5 preset ingredients—flour, sugar, milk, water and oil—from ounces to cups and back; a great help in certain recipes. 

The list of cool new kitchen devices is seemingly endless and constantly growing.  A person could go broke keeping up with them, so buy carefully.  Just remember, cooking can be fun.  When you chose your new tools for the kitchen, always keep fun as well as efficiency in mind, and enjoy your cooking future!    


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